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The Gifftid Impact Builder platform empowers small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and impact entrepreneurs by providing AI-driven tools and resources to create, validate, and scale impactful initiatives. Join a community of change-makers and leverage advanced technology to make a real difference.

By combining the structured Impact Builder Process with targeted initiatives and features, Gifftid ensures that SMEs have the support, resources, and connections needed to drive meaningful change and achieve sustainable growth.

Impact Builder Platform

Impact Builder System

Capabilities & Features

Impact Enablement

Interactive Learning Modules: Deploy a variety of modules to upskill your team, collect valuable data, and manage your impact effectively.

AI-Supported Document Management: Upload key business documents and let Gifftid AI assist in module completion, ensuring accurate representation of your impact journey.

We propel SMEs to grow the Impact Economy.

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How These Features Benefit SMEs

Tailored Insights

AI ensures your initiatives are tailored to specific local needs.

Stronger Ecosystems

Connect with the right partners and investors to amplify your impact.



Validate your strategies with direct input from local communities.

Innovative Solutions

Develop cutting-edge, data-driven solutions that are scalable and sustainable.

Streamlined Impact

Use the Gifftid Impact platform to efficiently manage and showcase your impact efforts.

Build Your Impact

Ecosystem Development

Stakeholder Collaboration: Invite internal and external stakeholders to form teams and contribute to your impact projects and opportunities.

Team Collaboration: Work together to complete modules, implement projects, and track progress.

Partner Matching: Get matched with potential partners in your industry, creating strong and impactful networks.

Funding Opportunities and Support

Impact Opportunities Sharing: Create and share your Impact Opportunities with your ecosystem, allowing aligned organizations to support your goals and initiatives.

Discover and Support Projects: Find and support projects aligned with your goals.

Impact Communities

Mentor Community Access: Connect with experienced mentors, investors, and professionals for guidance, insights, and support in navigating impact entrepreneurship challenges.

Impact Management & Progress

Impact Data Reporting: Develop and share your impact data through our Reports system, enhanced with AI-informed insights for ecosystem-level decision making.

Multi-Framework Reporting: Export reports using various frameworks such as Common Approach, GRI, SDG, and more.

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