Gifftid Origins - Caroline

Aug 16, 2023

Caroline Cullière

2017: The breaking point 

I remember being in my small bedroom in Paris, going back to a shared apartment, and telling myself, “This is it, I am done with Entrepreneurship”.

2022: Fast forward.

At that time, I was lucky enough to be part of a great organization called Zero Waste Europe, working alongside committed and smart people, advocating for a world without waste, and my mission was to identify financial mechanisms, including Social Impact Bond, to help implement innovative proof of concept, all across Europe. I was granted a scholarship at Oxford in order to pursue this area of work and deepen my knowledge, this is where I met Grace and my future colleagues.

Grace: The Spark

My first connection to Gifftid was Her, no doubt. It took me time to feel that I belong, I was terrified to go back to an entrepreneurial level of requirements. The more I was listening to her, the more I was looking at her way of leading by example, the more I wanted to work with Her.

Gifftid: Technology for a purpose

Looking at ‘wicked challenges’ and systemic models, Gifftid went from being an answer to The answer. I realized the frustration of key intermediaries acting for positive changes and being left out of the value chain, the challenges for investors to implement measurement process still searching for standard processes, the work and time consuming for social entrepreneurs willing to do good, but struggling to operate, and still being considered unable to generate tangible revenues, and how the scaling phase for most of them equaled the ‘valley of death’. 

Business for Impact is being used as a big endeavor, but mostly perceived as an unattainable one. Gifftid tackles different layers at once. This platform supports the whole ecosystem by helping each key actor to ‘Act on their Impact’ (at an internal and external level) by making these current invisible bridges, visible and strong. All aiming towards the pursuit of an Impact Economy. 

Gifftid lifts local communities by fostering their value, creating a common language and aggregating all measurement processes to create live thresholds that are adjusted depending on the data that is being gathered and generated. This unique approach not only acts in favor of de-risking and in anticipation of impact, it allows to create an alternative economy that could one day become the new alternative: a system where all businesses are Impact driven, by default. 

The natural and obvious diversity of our team is, to this day, the richest experiences and luck that I have experienced, as a way to translate the world's most urgent challenges in various cultural aspects and in different languages. 

I am thankful and humbled by my peers. 

My name is Caroline, I am one of Gifftid happy co-founders. 


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